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Plugs into the 2 or 4 card expansion buses; develop your own devices.


These aren’t likely to fail in your TS 2068, so no need to panic buy. Maybe you want to build a stereo AY? These could be your ticket.


Reinforces capitalization skills and prepares for achievement tests like the SATs. Teaches the most common capitalization rules and tests on what learning. Timed self-tests help strengthen test-taking skills. Boxed cassette with instructions.

You are in a maze in which you must get the eggs laid by the bugs, put them in a box, and exit the maze. Although you are faster than the bugs, they are intelligent and will trap you. The screens increase in difficulty. At the higher levels super bugs join the chase.


High-scoring, fast-paced chase game demands that you whiz through the maze without getting caught. Increasing levels of difficulty and great sound effects provide hours of challenge and fun. Cassette, box and manual.


You’re in control of the Zone Gunner. Faced with a choice between prolonged painful death at the hands of an enraged llama or a rapid, glorious death wreathed in laser-fire in 6-space, what could you do but represent your race in an awesome battle of skill and dexterity? One or two players, 30 levels of [...]


Cassette supplied with the Westridge 2050 modem.


A collection of programs, each with a detailed breakdown of exactly what happens when and how it’s all achieved. Edited by Phillip Williams. 164 pages.


Printed circuit board designer for the Timex/Sinclair 2068. Includes cassette in vacuum-formed tray, manual, and box.

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Finally, crystal clear video from your Timex/Sinclair 2068. This expansion board provides VGA output from your TS 2068 for use with modern displays.


Develop numerical charts and use that data to produce color graphics of bar graphs, pie graphs and line graphs. A single set of data can be displayed as four different charts.


Lively spelling bee challenges the younger set. Computer lists all misspelled words to help your children learn from their mistakes. Two levels of difficulty accommodate both the beginner and advanced student. Boxed cassette with instructions.

Find out how well you know the states and capitals. Self-teaching tool. Draws map of the US, shows where each state is and locates capital cities. Names must be spelled correctly. The computer will ask you for the state, the capital or a combination. You never know when you’ll be quizzed on states and capitals. [...]


By Sharon Zardetto Acker. Designed for beginning and intermediate BASIC programmers, this book offers a collection of tips and techniques that contribute to easier and better programming. 227 pages.

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TS-Pico, PicoVideo, and a 2 slot expansion bus.

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Includes the TS-Pico, PicoVideo and a 4 slot expansion bus.


Leads you step-by-step through all the 2068’s color, sound and graphics possibilities. By Tim Hartnell. 179 pages.


50 programs for the Timex Sinclair 2068. By Roger Valentine. 118 pages.


By David Anderson. This disassembly shows how Timex programmers changed the ZX Spectrum source code to support the new features and planned expansions. 443 pages.